About Online Chrome Download Manager

Who we are? - we are an ambitious team of designers and developers united by one idea.

Our main goal is to make everyday stuff more comfortable and share solutions with World.

One day we noticed that the most popular browser at the world has issues with Users Interface during downloading process. So we decided to solve this problem and developped truly one of the Best Download Manager.

We have gathered many years of experience in web-design and software development to create most suitable and perfect solution. Also we analyzed most of similar solution to figure out its stong and weaks sides.

As a result of a long and complicated work, an Online Download Manager was born which gathered all the best that could be in modern downloader.

To date, our work has been appreciated by more than 27,000 users from around the world - and this fact makes us understand that our way is right! All our efforts achieve the goal, our work is liked by users and it gives us more and more strength to move on, improve our product and make the world a little better.

Hope that you, our dear user, appreciate our product too.

On our turn we promise to listen your needs and integrate it into Online Download Manager to make it really Best Download manager in the World.

Regards, Chrome Online Download Manager team.