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03 Dec

ODM 4.2.0 - interface update

We have redesigned the extension's pop-up to match modern design and UI trends. 
You may find it similar to your iOS or Android device that you use daily.
So we hope that the new look will furnish you more comfortable and habited experience.

Left sidebar became bottom navigation bar 

The left sidebar was moved to the bottom side of the popup.
Now it looks more informative, a number of founded files will be displayed as a badge on the appropriate tab button.

For example, the badge on the Video tab with the number 3 in it - says that on the current page were found 3 videos that you can download.


Top navigation improvements 

The top navigation bar now contains the Main menu, Search,  Filter menu.

In the Main menu, you’ll find extensions settings, mass link downloader, profile information, etc. 

Search was improved too - now you can search almost anything: file name, files domain name where is was downloaded; files extension, like: .mp4, .mp3, .exe, .pdf; file quality, like: 720p, 1080p, etc.,
With the Filter, you can sort the list of your Recent downloads depending on their status. You can sort deleted files or files with errors and clear these records. 


Extension’s icon behaviour in the browser toolbar

In the new update, the icon became grey colour.
But when ODM finds content that you can download - the icon became colourful. This behaviour will let you find available content easily.

There are many more small changes and improvements that we implemented based on the user's feedback. Hopefully, you would like most of them. 
In the viewable future, we'll implement more updates, cover more websites to detect content and make Online Download Manager the most universal and handy tool to manage online content. 

Stay tuned! 
Regards, ODM team!