What is it, Online Download Manager?

ODM - browser extension which combines a number of features relevant to the content download process. ODM lets users manage downloads with extra features, find and download video, audio, graphics content from almost all web sites.

Do i need it?

Basically  - yes =) because if you even would not use extra features - we made our download manager module much better than Google`s one.  

Just give it a try!

What extra options are in the Download Manager? 

We prepared a number of features, here is a list: 

  1. Notification system - visual and sound notifications for downloads status and process that could be used in any combination, even depends on file size.
  2. Downloads Sorting System - this system automatically distributes downloaded files to the appropriate folders. Pictures to the "images" folder, videos to the "video" folder, etc. You can change all rules as you wish or even add your own custom rule.
  3. Live-search and filters - you can easily find any of downloads in the list just start typing its name - all matches will be right before your eyes. Filtering functionality lets you select only "finished" downloads, for example, or only downloads with "Errors".
  4. Download file using a direct URL.
  5. Actions with files - from the ODM interface it is possible: open a file, open a folder with a file, delete a file on a PC, repeat the download, copy the URL of the downloaded file.
  6. Several color schemes of the interface.​​​​​​

This is an only small list of ODM functions, stay tuned not to miss upcoming features. 

Video Downloader - what is it?

Video Downloader - is a module that detects videos on all pages that you visit. If a downloadable video is found on the page, you will find it in the pop-up extension window on the “Video” tab. From there you can download it, view it, select the desired quality for download, share this video with friends or colleagues, synchronize it with your cloud storage.

Audio Downloader - what is it?

.Audio Downloader (Sniffer) - a module that helps you find all the available audios on the site.

Loader analyzes the contents of the page for the presence of media files on current page. If audios are found, they will be automatically added to the list in the extension popup. Some websites prevents automatically adding of audio to the list. To avoid this start the song using the player built into the site, sniffer will detect it and add it to the list for download. For your convenience, we have added an audio player for founded audios, multi-download of several files, and direct saving of the file to your cloud storage

Images Downloader - what is it?

Thanks to the image downloader, you can find all the images on the page and download all at once, one or more, depending on your goals. For pages with dynamically loaded content, all found images will be added to the download list automatically. Using the built-in filter, you can flexibly configure and filter out unnecessary images; Sort files by name, size (larger / smaller / equal to specific dimensions) file extension, etc. "Name masking" is also available - unification of the names of downloaded files, with the addition of a numerical number.

Why my payment still not proceed?

Each payment passes through multi checking to avoid fraud.
Usually, the check lasts no more than 15 minutes - after successful payment you will receive an appropriate letter.

Why the extensions speed is low?

The speed of opening the extension may suffer due to the large number of entries in the list of downloaded files.
Do not forget to clear the list of unnecessary entries.

"Update users data" button in extension - what is it?

The button "Update user data" is necessary to update information about your subscription in the extension. When you activate a subscription on the site, the extension needs some time for the changes to take effect. In order not to wait, you can simply click this button and additional functionality will be available immediately.

The device limit exceeded - What is it?

The device limit exceeded - is a notification which appears when the user logged into more than 3 devices with the same credential at the same time.

If you see such notification - just log out from one of the un-used devices or log out from all devices using "Reset logins" button on the user's profile page. 

Why ODM does not load files from YouTube?

Downloading content from Youtube is prohibited by Google’s policies. This rule also applies to browser extensions loaded into the Chrome WebStore. For these purposes, you can use ODM for FireFox (Opera)

My payment was declined.

There are many reasons why your payment could be declined. 

Please, check your inbox for e-mails from our payment system and follow the instructions. 


The “Base” subscription is available to all users, no matter if you registered.

“Base” includes basic ODM features by default, such as: a download manager with some functions, video, audio, and image downloaders for the content on the page. Downloading from popular websites and social networks is not available in the “Base” subscription.


The “Ultra” subscription is available on a paid basis.
“Ultra” includes all the ODM features that are available now or will be published in future updates.

With a “Ultra” subscription, you can download content from the most popular sites and social networks.
Also, you have a built-in player for previewing content and a cloud sync feature to upload content to your GoogleDrive or Dropbox. 
If some site you need doesn`t work with ODM - you can always late us know about it via "Feedback" form and we`ll add this site in extension`s coverage.